New York City’s Best Coffee Shops for Coffee Addicts

Starbucks always gives us New Yorkers the fuel we need in the morning to start our hectic days, but sometimes, it’s nice to find a place where you can sip your coffee and unwind. Small coffee shops with intimate settings, cute decor, and sweet smells can instantly put anyone in an exceptional mood. Instead of exploring through the streets of New York and trying to find that perfect, antiquated place, we have done it for you. Here is a list of cozy coffee shops that are guaranteed to put you at state of absolute calmness in this fast-paced city.

Prologue Coffee Shop

Located in Little Italy, this Manhattan coffee spot is decorated with delicate wooden decorations, is furnished with large homey tables, provides free wifi, and is the perfect place to unwind alone of bring a friend or two. Not only do they have a variety of marvelous tasting lattes, they are known for their rose-flavored cold brew coffee that is to die for. If you get hungry, don’t fret, because they also offer a wide range of large donuts and pastries for only a dollar! 

120 C Lafayette Street
New York, NY

Irving Farm Coffee Roasters

This coffee shop has locations all across Manhattan, so you don’t need to travel too far to your new favorite spot! Irving Farm offers only locally sourced coffee beans that smell as fresh as they taste. It’s snug atmosphere and restful setting make this spot the perfect place to quietly get work done or just relax after a long day. Anyone whose hungry could also order from their tasty breakfast or lunch menu, known for their flavorful sandwiches.

**Visit website for multiple location addresses.

The Elk

Located in the heart of the West Village in Manhattan, this shop has not only the perfect rustic ambience to warm your heart, but also brews sightglass coffee and parlor espresso drinks. Tired of your boring-looking brown coffee? This shop offers artistic and color cappuccinos and coffees that are sure to make you never go back to regular coffee. They also offer a brunch menu with dishes such as the avocado toast that they are known for. It is their most popular dish next to their market rice bowl.

128 Charles Street (between Washington and Greenwich Street)

City of Saints Coffee Roasters

Located in Manhattan’s East Village and Brooklyn’s Williamsburg, this devine coffee shop offers coffee with a twist. Their most popular coffee items being their lavender agave coffee, their tasty matcha drinks, and their pink peppercorn lattes. It’s atmosphere is sleek and chic, and is great for bringing some close friends together.

79 East 10th Street
New York, NY 10003

297 Meserole Street
Brooklyn, NY 11206

  • Irving Farm Coffee Roasters
  • City of Saints Coffee Roasters
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