JUST A FEW INCHES MORE- How to make people believe you’re TALLER than you are.

Okay, so i’m a pretty fun sized woman and it’s a great thing most of the time but sometimes a girl just wants to make the illusion that i’m taller than what i really am. Here’s a few tips and tricks to get that height you desire!

Show some love to your neck ladies. This is a pretty forgotten area that should be extended as often as possible with a decolletage blouse – like this Satin Scallop Camisole top

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Go mini and don’t be afraid to show some leg. Tiptoeing into a micro mini will definitely make the illusion that you’re 5’8 while being 5’1… trust me.. I know.

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Wearing the same shade head to toe will lengthen your frame. Mixing colors can trim your height short so I recommend a nice jumpsuit –  like this Parker jumpsuit – Liv silk (this jumpsuit also compliments that upper torso we were talking about)

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