Several DIY Beauty Treatments To Get You Through Quarantine

Here at Walk of Shame Magazine we hope you’re all doing well and taking the necessary precautions to battle the COV-19 Virus. It’s our mission to continuously keep you informed on the latest fashion, beauty and entertainment news as you buckle down and endure quarantine. In keeping with that, we don’t want the lack of being able to go to your favorite spa or salon to keep you from keeping yourself pampered and your body nourished. Here are some of our founder (Kaylin Amaro’s) favorite DIY home treatments for your Hair, Skin and Body! 

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Under Eye Brightening Patches

⁃2 tsp pineapple juice
⁃1 tsp turmeric

DIRECTIONS: Mix into a paste and apply under eyes. Leave on for 10-15 min

Manuka Mask For Acneic Skin

⁃1 tsp Manuka honey

DIRECTIONS: This type of honey is created by bees who eat the tea tree plant. Tea tree oil is popular for treating acne because of its anti inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. So just smear some Manuka honey on straight from the jar, wait a few minutes, and rinse it off.

Sugar Lip Scrub

⁃1 tbsp raw sugar
⁃1 tbsp coconut oil

DIRECTIONS: Mix them together and simply apply to lips! Rub in small circles, then wipe off.


Scalp Scrub + High Shine Gloss For Brunettes

⁃1-2 tbsp coffee grounds
⁃Your favorite conditioner (my personal favorite is OGX Coconut Miracle Oil conditioner)

DIRECTIONS: Mix some coffee grounds into your conditioner and apply to your hair from roots to tips, scrubbing at the scalp. Leave on for 30 min to an hour.

Hair Mask (For More Shine)

⁃1 cup olive oil
⁃1 egg
⁃1 tsp water
⁃1 tsp lavender essential oil
⁃1 lemon

DIRECTIONS: Mix together in a glass bowl and apply from roots to tips. Leave on for 10-30 min then rinse.

Treatment For Damaged Hair

⁃1 tbsp manuka honey
⁃1 egg yolk
⁃1 tbsp honey
⁃1 tbsp Aragon oil
⁃1 tbsp coconut oil
⁃Plastic wrap

DIRECTIONS: Mix together and apply to your hair from roots to tips. Massage in then wrap your hair in plastic. Leave on for an hour then rinse off.


Sugar Body Scrub

⁃1 cup avocado oil
⁃1 cup raw sugar
⁃Lemon zest or a few drops of your favorite essential oil

DIRECTIONS: Mix together all ingredients (preferably a mason jar), hop in the shower and start exfoliating! 😊

Body Wrap (For Skin Tightening )

⁃1 cup white clay
⁃1/2 cup Bengal gram flour
⁃2 tbsp yogurt
⁃1/2 cup water
⁃3 drops orange essential oil
⁃Plastic wrap

DIRECTIONS: Mix together in a glass bowl, apply a thin layer of this body mask then wrap your problem area with a plastic wrap. Leave on for an hour then remove bandage and wipe off.

Solution for Tackling Old Scars

⁃2 tbs Apple cider vinegar
⁃4 tbs distilled water
⁃Coconut oil
⁃Vitamin E oil

DIRECTIONS: Combine the apple cider vinegar and distilled water. Dip a cotton ball into the water-cider mixture and generously dab your scar. Once your scar is dry apply the coconut oil, honey and vitamins e oil. Wrap it with a bandage and leave it on overnight. Rise in the morning.

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