Kendall Jenner (In NYC) Wears 3 Outfits in 3 Hours

The weather in New York City this week has fully resembled summer weather, being over 80 degrees and sunny! However, Thursdaywas quite different, where it quickly went from sunny, to foggy, to muggy, to raining, to cloudy again. Quick weather pattern changes call for different outfits, and you could look right to Kendall Jenner’s outfits on what the weather was currently like outside on the streets of Manhattan, as she changed her outfit 3 times within the course of 3 hours. She went from taking a picture on a balcony wearing nothing but undergarments, to a long sleeve winter dress and boots, back to almost no clothing at all with a very sheer mini dress and heels.

In the early afternoon, she had posted a picture of herself in her undies on Instagram captioned “heat wave”.

heat wave

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Next, only a short hour later, was dressed in a red and black silk dress with a matching snakeskin purse, paired with black suede boots. Her dress and bag were designed by Longchamp, as she was dressed for the grand opening of Longchamp’s new store opening on Fifth Avenue.

Lastly, ending her night, she attended another Fifth Avenue event. It was a party hosted by Tiffany & Co. to celebrate their new Paper Flowers Collection. Paired with some of Tiffany’s finest jewelry of course, she was wearing a Elie Saab sheer white dress with a mini white tote to match.


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