How to Remove Waterproof Mascara and Not All of Your Eyelashes

Waterproof mascara is super helpful when it’s really hot outside and you don’t want your mascara to run down your face, or for a sad moment that you may bring a few tears, or for that swimming date you want to have some makeup on for. It keeps us going throughout our day, but when they day has come to an end and it’s time to have a clean face before bed, we face the problem every girl goes through- removing the waterproof mascara. You try everything from wipes to creams to washes and it becomes impossible to remove it completely without pulling out your lashes with it. Don’t fear anymore, however, because we have the easiest trick to remove any waterproof mascara quickly without worrying about looking up into the mirror and see that your eyelashes have disappeared.

Waterproof mascara is hard to remove because the formula usually includes beeswax, dandelion, or carnauba waxes. These waxes cause water to roll of the product, creating its waterproof affect. A product I always use that never fails me to remove my mascara is ArtNaturals Makeup Remover, which you can find for $13 at a local Walmart. It is strong enough to remove the waterproof mascara, but is also gentle and won’t cause irritation to the skin or eyes. Another trick that I use is wetting a cotton ball or small rag with warm water and pressing it against my lashes with my eyes closed for a few minutes. The warm water breaks down the mascara and makes it easier to remove.

Always remember to keep good care of your lashes and to be patient when it comes to removing that harsh mascara!

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