Hailey Bieber Shared Beauty Tips That She Took From Kendall Jenner

Hailey Bieber, the famous 23-year-old model, and wife of pop sensation Justin Bieber never fail to impress her fans and the media with her effortless and flawless beauty. Despite her busy schedule from going for a trip to attending events, Hailey had always maintained a glow on her face which makes her dear fans enlightened.

In a recent interview with a beauty magazine, the model shared some of her beauty tips. One of the highlights among those which she shared was that she even takes beauty ideas from Kendall Jenner.

Yes, Hailey confessed that she takes beauty inspirations from Jenner who is the former’ s dearest friend too. She stated,” I am also into what other people are doing with crystals on the face right now.

Although the model.did not take the name directly.but it was fully evident that it was Kendall who was being talked about. Kendall uses crystals on her hairline which comes.out very simple and cute.

It came out as a surprise for all the fans and the paparazzi out there that the model follows other actors from her field to get some beauty hacks which is indeed not at all a bad deal.
It will definitely go out as good inspiration and attraction to the girl fans especially.

Hailey also shared that she is a huge fan of the beauty picks from the 90s like choosing hot shades for the eyes.

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