Dewy Skin Will Always Be In!

Living in New York City, this past winter has been one that no one wants to remember. From chapped lips to broken skin, moisturizer can probably be found in just about every woman’s purse. The wait is finally over, and summer is just around the corner! But wait- don’t we all need the dewy makeup look that has been making a comeback with Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and Lupita Nyong’o? That beautiful glowing skin, that sassy highlight, and that look that just makes you feel gorgeous without trying? Yeah, that’s the look. We have a few tips on how to bring that look to life for your “unnatural”-”natural” look.

To start your glowing look, make sure your face is cleaned and exfoliated to be sure your makeup will come out nice and even on your skin.

Use Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ as your base. This fast absorbing, lightweight moisturizer will make sure that your makeup won’t come out “cakey”.


Next, apply a small amount of Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer (Broad Spectrum SPF 20) to your face, including eyelids and excluding lips and eyebrows. This moisturizer is a perfect blend of skincare and makeup that hydrates the skin, while softening fine lines with a hint of color for a natural looking glow. This lightweight formula provides protection from the sun’s harmful rays, perfect for basking in that summer sun.

Next, apply NARS’s Radiant Creamy Concealer to the under-eye area, as well as a small amount on the chin and middle of forehead. This will create the illusion of cheekbones, and well as mask any dark circles under the eyes. It will have you skin appearing fresh and natural with a radiant finish. To do this, you can use your fingers or use a Beauty Blender (our recommended blender is Two B.B. Clean).

Lastly, to finish your dewy look, we can’t forget about highlighter. We recommend using Milk Makeup’s Face Gloss. It’s a clear, non-sticky face gloss for on-the-go application that will give you that perfect highlight that looks completely natural in day time lightings. Glide this product across your cheekbones for a spotlighting effect. You can accomplish this easily with the tips of your fingers. For an extra glowy look, you can even apply a small amount to the tip of the nose, chin, middle of forehead, and/or eyelids.

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